Det stormar kring namnen

Detta är ett av alla kommentarer från ett inlägg som Wacken Brauerie gjort:

”Asatru & Heathen Order It has come to the attention of the Asatru And Heathen Order (AHO) that Wacken Brauerei – a German micro-brewery – has chosen to trademark various names and terms from Norse mythology in order to secure exclusive naming rights for their products.

The AHO objects in the strongest terms to Wacken Brauerei’s actions for two reasons:

Heathenry is a living and growing faith, whose gods and concepts are sacred, not only to followers of Asatru, but to many practitioners of neo-pagan paths. To claim exclusive ownership of Heathen gods and concepts robs thousands of Heathens and pagans of their sincerely held and cherished beliefs, reducing them to nothing more sacred than a logo on a soda can.

The decision of the brewery’s owners to take legal steps against other breweries using the same names is contrary to the Heathen concept of frith. Many breweries have been naming their products after figures in Norse mythology for some time, without feeling the need to claim the exclusive right to do so.

By introducing conflict and distress in to the brewing community, and the wider world of their customers, Wacken Brauerei have proved themselves unworthy of the respect or the business of fair-minded beer drinkers, whether they are Heathen or not. The AHO is therefore calling for a boycott of all Wacken Brauerei products. We hope that by taking this step, we might persuade Wacken Brauerei to change their minds and recognise that Norse mythology belongs to everyone, and our gods cannot be reduced to the level of a company logo.”

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